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Décor Drapbec is a distributor of the versatile medi-track we also make cubicle curtains for clinics and hospitals. Call us for more information.

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Custom configuration of your hospital tracks

Our aluminum hospital tracks meet the highest quality standards of manufacturing and are tailor-made to meet your specific space and configuration requirements. Consult our representatives to submit, detailed installation specifications for the location of your hospital rail. Once you’ve submitted your accurate measurements with specific angles and curves, you will receive a custom multi-purpose hospital rail that will meet all your needs. The entire hospital rail system is custom sold by the foot to meet your exact needs, no more, no less.

A system used by everyone

The ceiling rail curtain can also be installed in a private home to provide more comfort for anyone requiring special long-term care.

Hospital tracks and their accessories

Décor Drapbec also carries the entire range of accessories used with a hospital rail: Curved Médico tracks, curtain sliders for hospital tracks, tips and lids, beams, ceiling mounts, suspension rods and more. We also offer a wide selection of fabrics and colors for curtains made specifically for hospital tracks.

How to get my Hospital Rail?

Contact one of our consultants who will help to accurately assess your needs.

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Hospital Track